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Coastal engineering has been my specialty, focusing on numerical modeling. I am interested in providing solutions to problems in coastal development, for which the study of coastal processes and their interaction with structures is necessary. Thus, this line of study involves the study of waves, hydrodynamics and sediment transport, as well as their interaction with coastal structures and interventions.

Image by idan levi
Image by Tim Marshall


Waves are one of the main design parameters of maritime structures, so I am interested in the characterization of the waves for the functional and structural design of structures. In particular, I am interested in analyzing the effects of climate change on waves to establish non-stationary climates that reduce the probability of failure.

Ocean currents

I am interested in the study of currents and their effect on processes that have important impacts on the environment. In particular, I have participated in studies of  hydrocarbon spills and sargassum beachings, where the study of currents is a critical component to be able to develop warning systems that allow efficient action during contingencies.

Image by NASA


Extreme events determine the structural design conditions and their study is critical for the correct design of maritime structures. On the other hand, extreme events can generate disasters and their study is critical for development and contingency planning. In the projects in which I have participated, we have studied tropical cyclones and cold fronts, in particular their effect on waves and storm surges, including rapid forecast systems for Mexico.


I am convinced that the Yucatan continental shelf is truly "the little treasure" of Mexico, which is why I am interested in the study of wind potential and the effect of the interaction between the ocean and wind turbines.

Image by Shaun Dakin


The effects of climate change are already a reality and we must consider them in maritime engineering projects and development planning. In this way, I am interested in studying how climate change will affect design parameters, as well as its effect on natural disasters. Within the studies that I have participated in, we have been able to characterize the climatology of tropical and northern cyclones under climate change scenarios, as well as their associated waves, allowing for better planning for development projects.

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